Blue Simplific: A Future Proven Automotive Platform

Gail Mendez, CEO, Blue SimplificGail Mendez, CEO
Even a few years ago, automotive technology was mostly associated with designing a system with the best suspension or horsepower. Flash forward to current times and automobiles are valued for their telematics capability, AI interfaces, and connected-car experience. With the spotlight shifting from what's under the hood to what's behind the HUD (heads-up display), cars are no longer mechanical entities, rather complex embedded systems that is built upon millions of lines of code and multi-core processors. The embedded system market, valued at $154 billion in 2015 is also expected to reach $214 billion by 2020, with the automotive sector contributing largely to this growth.

It is evident that the future of automobile will be dominated by a combination of computer hardware and software. In such a scenario, automotive companies looking for superior sophistication in embedded design can end their search with Blue Simplific. The company offers a holistic IoT automotive services platform empowering firms to ramp up their connected car efforts. With close to three decades of market presence, Blue Simplific has a rich legacy and strong expertise to build its foundation on as well as a global reach that encompasses more than 150 countries.

Owing to their leading position, there is no contending the viability of the Blue Simplific IoT automotive platform. “Built on a modular and microservices architecture, the platform features full stack embedded telematics and is completely customizable in line with the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs),” comments Gail Mendez, the CEO of Blue Simplific.

Built on a modular and microservices architecture, the platform features full stack embedded telematics and is completely customizable in line with the needs of original equipment manufacturers

Microservices also enable the introduction of new services without risking the installed base. As an outcome of over-the-air capabilities, the Blue Simplific platform can easily run the required software and firmware updates in a vehicle remotely.

The company also has a strong security infrastructure in place to combat all possible risks that accompany remote access. In fact, Blue Simplific works with various entities to accelerate automotive security by forging industry-wide collaboration on threat models and adopting best practice methods. Furthermore, using the Blue Simplific’s security information and event management (SIEM) portal, clients can expect total visibility into every device. The SIEM dashboard allows users to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot devices to gain insights into network operations in near real time.

In an instance, a prominent fleet management services provider that was on the lookout for end-to-end telemetry solutions reached out to Blue Simplific for their top-of-the-line offerings. Powered by the Blue Simplific IoT Service platform, the client can now provide a solution, regardless of location for telematics and fleet management customers that want to lower data costs and improve operational efficiencies with analytics. Additionally, Blue Simplific’s flexible pricing models and minimal upfront commitment meant that the client made a changeover with less financial burden as well as observed increased ROI.

Recently, the company collaborated with a famous parking enforcement company to enhance their web application. Now enforcement officials can track deployed vehicle immobilization devices that stick to vehicles’ windshields. The app running on parking enforcement company’s IoT connectivity platform allows officers to receive updates, process payments, and run reports on fines collected. The app also includes a worldwide map to track all deployed devices. In the days to come, the company will globally expand in collaboration with eminent telecommunications companies. The plan is to support a wide-range of IoT-focused wireless technologies.
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Gail Mendez, CEO

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